Do you have set pricing?

We have a set aircraft rental for each aircraft and instructor rate.  The cost of the activity is based on the aircraft hobbs time and instructor time.

* fuel is included in our aircraft rental rates

Do I need to finish my rating in a certain time frame? 

From 1 activity per week to 5 activities per week, we accommodate your schedule and your time frame.

How long does your training take? 

What courses do you offer? 

Do you do high performance and complex endorsements? 

Who maintains your aircraft? 

What is the difference between Part 141 and Part 61 training?

Most students average one rating/certificate per semester.  However, times can vary depending on the amount of time and effort put in by the student.  See timeline breakdown at the bottom.

  • Private Pilot Airplane

  • Instrument Airplane

  • Commercial Single-Engine

  • Commercial Multi-Engine

  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On

  • CFI

  • CFII

We offer both high performance endorsements in our Cessna 182's and complex endorsements in our Cessna 310's. 

Located right next door to North-Aire is Eagle Air Repair, Northern Arizona’s Premier Aviation Maintenance Facility.  They have 3 full time IA’s with over 4 decades of combined experience.

Choosing to train under Part 141 vs. 61 is largely dependent on what previous flight training you have received (if any at all). Your instructor will meet with you individually to choose the best option for you.

How many students are assigned to an instructor?

Do I need flight experience to train at North-Aire? 

How do I know if I'll like flying? 

Will I receive one-on-one instruction?

This is a very common question from new incoming students who have had scheduling issues in the past. North-Aire’s instructor loads can very slightly; however we have found 8-10 students per instructor allows each student to complete 3-5 events per week without creating scheduling issues. 

Whether you have 0 hours looking to work on your Private Pilot License or 1,000 hours and looking to get an added rating to an existing license, we would be thrilled to have you in one of our programs.  

We offer discovery flights here at North-Aire for a discounted rate.  You can go up with one of our experienced instructors, get a feel for aviation and the Prescott area.  Warning: you are sure to love aviation after just as much as we do.  

Yes. You and your instructor schedule one-on-one grounds, flights and sim time together.

Does Part 141 training cross over between schools? 

Credit from previous part 141 training can be applied to North-Aire’s 141 courses at the discretion of the Chief or Assistant Chief Instructor. The credit applied is limited to not more that 50% of the training requirements in North-Aire’s curriculum.  Reference 14 CFR 141.77(c)(1)&(2).