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North-Aire Aviation Announces Professional Pilot Track Agreement with Hawaii based Mokulele Airlines

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The Mokulele Pilot Track would be available to all North-Aire students

North-Aire Aviation, an FAA Part 141 flight school, has signed an agreement with Mokulele Airlines of Hawaii for a professional pilot track. The Mokulele Pilot Track would be available to all North-Aire students, and would place them directly into an airline setting after the completion of their Commercial certificates at North-Aire Aviation.

This news follows the recent launch of North-Aire’s REDBIRD flight simulation lab. As a part of the agreement between North-Aire Aviation and Mokulele Airlines, North-Aire will be adding a fourth REDBIRD flight simulator, configured as a Cessna Caravan, the same commercial aircraft that Mokulele flies over the islands of Hawaii. The agreement provides a distinct advantage to qualifying North-Aire graduates by placing them into a professional job track years ahead of graduates from other flight schools, in addition to flying the islands of Hawaii as the start to a professional pilot career.

“We are extremely pleased of our new partnership with North-Aire . Growing up to become a pilot is a dream of many, but the path is confusing and expensive. Our new relationship will put this dream within reach for more striving to become professional pilots. North-Aire’s reputation for the highest standards and helping aspiring pilots reach their full potential was a key factor in our selection process,” says Greg Landers, VP Operations, Mokulele Airlines.

“It is imperative to North-Aire that our graduates have as many options available to them as possible for them to be able to fulfill their career goals. This agreement propels our students into the job force with less debt and better options than just about any other flight school out there,” says Jason Kopcsak, President, North-Aire.

“Providing a professional pilot career track is crucial for our graduates as well as the commercial aviation industry. As North-Aire continues to build its professional pilot training program, our flight school is now a significant part of the Prescott Municipal Airport (KPRC), complete with our own fuel supply, 10 aircraft hangars, REDBIRD flight simulation lab and aircraft maintenance facilities,” states Kopcsak.


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