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The Prescott Municipal Airport’s Largest Privately Held Track to Benefit Flight Training and Busines

NorthAire Aviation announced earlier this year the acquisition of 66,000 sq ft of space at the Prescott Municipal Airport (KPRC). The land and its facilities, once known as Rittaire, have already been transformed into the largest privately held track dedicated to aviation and pilot training. The facilities include 10 aircraft hangars, one of the region’s largest spaces dedicated to a growing flight simulation laboratory complete with multiple REDBIRD flight simulators (including full motion simulator), an administration building with 20 offices, a 12,000 gallon aviation fuel tank, and an aircraft maintenance facility, Eagle Air Repair.

Redbird flight simulator at North-Aire Aviation of Prescott, Arizona

“These new facilities are allowing us to work closer with the City of Prescott to bring in new businesses to these hangars while also expanding our own flight operations to improve curriculum for our flight students. Our REDBIRD flight simulation lab is a great example of this and will benefit both our private students as well as our student pilots enrolled in the Yavapai College Aviation Technology Degree program for which NorthAire provides both aircraft and instructor pilots. The expansion also allows us to upgrade our professional pilot track program as NorthAire recently signed a deal with Mokulele airlines. Our students now have a professional track into the real world,” says Justin Scott, Owner, NorthAire Aviation.

“The Prescott Municipal Airport is a key area for economic development in the near future, and I am very pleased to hear that the Rittaire facility has been acquired to expand flight training and business at the airport. Northaire is a great community partner that will help propel our region forward by leveraging these assets to improve educational and economic opportunities,” says, Mayor Mengarelli of the City of Prescott.

“The Prescott Municipal is thrilled to continue our partnership with North-Aire Aviation. Aviation is responsible for over 58 Billion dollars in economic activity for the state of Arizona. North-Aire Aviation’s continued growth and success over the past several years is a win for education, for students with a passion for aviation, as well as for our Airport and community,” says Jessie Baker, Assistant Airport Manager (former), City of Prescott.

About North-Aire Aviation

North-Aire Aviation is an FAA approved Part 141 flight school. Established in 1973, NorthAire employs 31 aviation professionals, with 24 in its flight training program and 7 in its aviation maintenance division, “Eagle Air Repair”. Today, North-Aire maintains a fleet of 15 aircraft, including single, twin engine, complex and turbine models.

Students who are pursuing an aviation degree may do so via the Yavapai College Aviation degree program, through which NorthAire provides the aircraft and instructor pilots. Contact North-Aire Aviation.

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