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Kyle Mayfield

What made you want to be a flight instructor? 

— Sharing my passion of aviation with others and having the opportunity to help pilots become more well-rounded, experienced,  and safer with each flight. 

Erin Mann

What is the best advice you could give to students?

The best advice I could give a student is to take their instructors advice seriously! When they tell you you need to chair fly in order to learn flows, callouts, and coordination; do it. They will know if you did not study!

Tracy McAllister

What is your aviation background?

I was in the US Navy for six years as a Flight Engineer on the P-3C Orion with 1500 flight hours. After my military career, I completed all my flight training at North-Aire

Grant Weiner

What made you want to be a flight instructor?

As a flight instructor, you directly impact the aviation industry and have the ability to help improve the overall safety of flight, by instilling safe practices in your teachings. I am very passionate about what i do. 

Taylor Catenacci

What is your aviation background?

— I started flying when i was 16 back home in Chicago. I got my private license my senior year of High School and completed instrument- Commercial Multi at ERAU. I then completed my CFI with North-Aire Aviation, where i now instruct.

Michael Huff

How long have you been working at North-Aire?

— I started flight training at North-Aire in 2014. Finished my instructor ratings in 2017, and was hired a week later. I have been here ever since. 

Jacob Webb

What made you want to be an instructor? 

— I wanted to be an instructor because I enjoy teaching students who have a passion for learning.

Aaron Fargher

What is your aviation background?

I worked in the Air Force as a C-130 crew chief for 5 years. I have been an A&P mechanic for 6 years and, have held an Inspection Authorization for the last 2 years. I completed all my training at Yavapai College/ NA flight program SU19. Currently, I am a brand new CFI working for North-Aire. 

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