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North-Aire Aviation Opens Advanced Flight Simulation Lab at the Prescott Airport

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

North-Aire Aviation of Prescott, Arizona opened their new advanced flight simulation lab this year, 2018, complementing their FAA Approved Part 141 flight training program at Prescott Municipal Airport (KPRC). North-Aire’s flight simulation laboratory is comprised of three REDBIRD™ flight simulators: the “FMX” (full motion flight simulator), the “LD” and “TD”. The REDBIRD ™ brand is well known in aviation circles as a best in class flight simulator, with the Redbird MCX, FMX, SD, LD, VTO, MX2, and Red Bird cockpit specific devices being FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD).

“If you want to fly airplanes this is where you start. Utilizing these advanced airplane training devices allows our students and instructors to practice flight maneuvers in a safe, well practiced environment. In addition, pilots can practice emergency maneuvers and scenarios that would be impractical to simulate in an airplane. Such practice creates a better situational awareness and a well rounded, safer pilot. These aviation training devices also provide a cost savings as well as a time savings for our student pilots and seasoned pilots,” states Jason Kopcsak, President, North-Aire Aviation. “Our full motion simulator, the “FMX”, is configured for the Cessna 172 with Garmin G1000 glass panel and is our primary flight training device. Instrument flight students may utilize the FMX for almost 1/2 of their required instrument flight time, a big cost savings. Our “LD” model is also configured as a Cessna 172, but displays round dials for pilots that are proficient on G1000 glass, but would like training on legacy flight panels. Our “TD” model, is configured for the Garmin G1000 glass panel and primarily is used for our students wanting to practice on a G1000 panel, as well as instrument students wanting to practice holding maneuvers and instrument approaches. The TD is available to any student, at no cost. Again, this is a great cost savings for all our students in addition to being a great tool for seasoned pilots and necessary recurrent training. The NorthAire Advance Flight Simulation lab is a great addition to both the NorthAire facilities as well as our airport community. We welcome all pilots and prospective pilots to come take a tour.”

Inside the Redbird FMX Full Motion flight simulator at the North-Aire Aviation Advanced Flight SIM LAB.


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